jackie norrito ceo and founderIt began with one thought:

Help customers attain healthy youthful looking skin, and a well thought out selection of holistic skincare was the key to success.

The products had to have an appeal to the consumer by being all natural, easy to use, and most of all pocket friendly. Every "J.D.N. Cosmetics" product, we are proud to say, meets those needs.

Skin, on a daily basis, is exposed to unforgiving elements such as toxins, pollutants, hormonal changes, and of course ultra-violet. It is essential that the skin be maintained through a regular program of cleansing and nourishment and "J.D.N" Products will provide the needed benefits that will allow skin to repair and replenish itself.

With healthy, invigorated skin, we obtain a more youthful appearance which also serves as a tonic for our state of mind. Look better and feel better with "J.D.N." ! Skin care at its finest, at a price that's affordable.