Jackie of JDN Cosmetics is a New York State Licensed Esthetician.


A facial is the ultimate way to deep clean and detoxify the skin. Using products by J.D.N. Cosmetics, your skin will look and feel rejuvenated, retexturized, and rebalanced. All treatments include heated hand mitts, heated facial bed & light foot massage.

A younger looking skin awaits you!


Signature Hydrating Facial

 Noticeable change in skin tone and texture!
*  Immediate improvement in skin elasticity!
*  Reduction of facial muscle contraction!
*  25 % increase in skin hydration!

Extractions if necessary



Signature Hydrating Facial with Galvanic Current

With the use of positive and negative electrodes, products penetrate deeper on a dermal level.



4 Layer Facial

A true spa experience! This multilayered, seaweed & Vitamin C infused facial tones, tightens & brightens while providing ultimate hydration. Immediate gratification awaits!



Vitamin C/Oxygen Boost Facial

For years Vitamin C has been the ultimate anti-oxidant & an important ingredient in many skin care products.

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At JDN we offer superficial peels that give the skin a BLT effect ... Brighten Lighten & Tighten ... all the result without the "down time". With the use of Glycolic & Lactic acids ... your skin will glow from within ... we also send you home w/a post treatment kit that is included in the price. 

All peels are $75 alone or $125 w/a facial



A stronger form of exfoliation. Microderm brightens, softens & preps the skin for better penetration of product, while removing a layer of dead skin cells. It will help lessen fine lines & over time with repeated treatments it will reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

$50, or $20 as an add-on to a facial.



The painless way to remove "peach fuzz" ... this form of facial shaving softens & gently exfoliates the skin allowing for better product penetration ... your makeup will also look flawless!

$50, or $30 as an add-on service to a facial.


Eye Contour Treatment

Wake your tired eyes with this 3 step Vitamin C/seaweed infused eye specialty treatment.

Puffiness, darkness & surface fine lines are diminished in no time flat.

$40 alone, or $20 as an upgrade to a facial.


LED Light Therapy Treatment

The power of light Emiting Diode is paramount to collagen & elastin preservation.

LED has many healing & soothing benefits because it is cell re-education ... Blue light has anti-bacterial & anti inflammatory effects ... Red light is for collagen & elastin stimulation ... Green light is for Brightening & lessening of Hyper pigmentation ... & amber light has anti-redness properties ... great for rosacea.

$50 alone, or $25 as an upgrade with any facial.



Proper shaping of the brow area is integral to your overall look because it serves as the "framework" for the eye area. Sometimes just a basic cleaning out of unwanted hair can make a dramatic difference.

Remember, your eyes are the "windows to your soul"!

Cleaning $10, Shaping $20


YUMI Lash Lifts & Tints

This service is not about extensions ... we use a 2% keratin formula to lengthen & lift your OWN lashes ... the results are amazing & it lasts 8 weeks!

$125 for the lifts & $150 for the lift w/a tint.

Brow tint ... $45 (Lasts 2 weeks)


Facials are done at our Levittown location; call today to schedule an appointment.